Meet The Band

Velle Huscroft Weitman

Velle is a veteran performer and violin music teacher. Her demeanor conveys her desire and enthusiasm to be on the stage personally and with her students. Velle runs a combination Suzuki/RCM/Fiddle violin program called Velvet Strings and claims that it allowed her to keep "her chops" as she puts it,while raising her family. She has performed all over Canada, the US and the UK (England and Ireland). Velle has played in bands such as The Jeremy Walsh Band, Honeygirl, The Dragonflies, Barleywik, and jazz group, The Jackson Street Trio. She has shared the stage with such artists as Harry Manx, The Duhks, and The Bills. Velle has also shared the stage many times with her siblings Daniel Huscroft (JJ Shiplett and Johnny Reid) and Zav Huscroft (RT) . Velle's teaching career started at 16 years old. She has returned to the Kootenays to raise her family. She has taught at the Royal Conservatory in Victoria BC and privately on Vancouver Island and more recently Creston BC. She has taught several Fiddle Workshops on the coast. Velle is currently in the process of releasing her first jazz/soul album in the Summer of 2016 and plans to tour Jazz Festivals and performs under the name the Velle Weitman Trio.

Aaron Weitman - Bassist

Smiley, Aaron Weitman has toured in several bands from the Victoria, BC music scene. Solid, funky grooves, come from playing SKA music with "The Bloodwarmers." Aaron is a pleasure to watch on stage, he always makes you feel like you are apart of the show, and after all these years of playing he's still having way to much fun. Aaron has toured across Canada and up North in the Northern Folk festival Circuit.

Micah Snow - Guitar

A second generation musician, Micah has spent his entire life in a musical environment around countless world-class musicians. An alumni of the Selkirk College music program in Nelson BC, Micah now teaches music and plays guitar in a number of bands and styles ranging from soft Jazz to Heavy Metal.

Michael Farnsworth - Guitar/Songwriter

Michael started playing guitar at the age of 10 while living in Seville, Spain and taking a few lessons there from reputable teachers. Unfortunately, soon after that he developed a taste for rock and roll, and at thirteen performed on stage (paid!) in his first band which specialized in surf music. The next twenty-five years was a never-ending flurry of bands playing all kinds of engagements at all kinds of venues in the US, Germany and mostly in Canada. As a result of this misspent life, Michael ended up learning recording and live audio mixing which ultimately got him the opportunity to annoy many tens of thousands of innocent listeners with his sound designs for such venues as the Toronto International Film Festival (Ryerson Theatre), The Stratford Festival, and way too many others, mostly in Toronto where he provided sound design and live mixing for everything from opera to all-girl punk rock pop groups plus many international stars of note. All of this convinced Michael to return to the simple life, so he moved to Creston to play and teach guitar and share his love of all kinds of music. Types of music played (and mixed) professionally over the years include pop, R&B, funk, fusion, jazzy stuff, musical theatre, folk, folksy countryish rocky pop, heavy blues, acid rock, rock and roll, blues, and more blues.

Jason Deatherage - Drums

Jason Deatherage quietly continues 25 years of professional musicianship in the artistic mecca of Creston BC. Having played on and produced major label and Juno nominated albums, Jason Deatherage's intense, iconoclastic yet tasteful grooves have driven scores of recordings in all genres. Jason operates Fort Cosmos Studios in Creston, producing and playing on albums for interesting artists from all over.

Special Guests recording on Album

Don Clark - trumpet and Carl Erickson- saxophone Adrian Dolan - piano, viola, vocals Wynn Gogol - organ Allegra Fiocco - vocals