The bad and the very good

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One of the best B.C. independent LPs in over a decade

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Press Release

Album Release for Kootenay BC Artist - The Right Time by Velle

Velle (rhymes with Belle) has a new powerful and unique sound that is bold and imaginative with influences that span the last 75 years of contemporary popular music. Her music has been described as retro, roots and soul. A songstress from the Central Kootenay in British Columbia (Creston, BC), Velle has toured internationally with previous acts. She captivates the audience with her unique voice - silky and velvety, raspy and sultry. With unbridled energy, she commands and transports the audience to the jazz clubs of New York and the back alleys of New Orleans. This exciting new groove feels like your favourite old jeans yet challenges the ears with its sonic depth, emotional sensitivity and arrangements by the amazingly talented producer Adrian Dolan. Backed by a nine piece show band, she showcases an eclectic mix of internationally recognized musicians. The live shows should not be missed. Velle's debut album, The Right Time will be available for purchase at these concerts.


I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have worked with such amazing "local" musicians during the recording phase of my album. Although not local, hailing from Vancouver, Adrian Dolan - Producer and engineer, is the "Q, Quincy Jones" behind this project. Literally, a prodigy and a genius. As a producer and piano player, he has made this album come to life! I know his release of "The Bills" new album coming up in March will astound you musically, so please pick up your copy. Thank you Adrian for your expertise, your charts, your "work shopping" of the original tunes, and for getting the best out of each player "Do you have one more in ya? Cool."

To the rhythm section: bass- Aaron, guitars - Micah and Michael and kit- Jason. Wow! You all stepped up and gave it your all during your performances and I know it will shine through on the album. Horn Players- Donnie Clark and Carl Erickson. You added all the pizazz and spice to exactly what Adrian and I wanted. To you all of you who laid those beds down- I have never worked with such easy-going, kind and generous, wonderful people. Thank you for everything. PCSS - Thank you, the recording venue worked out fabulous. Chris Brauer- my web writer- thank you. I'm getting excited! Projected release date is May 2016.